Schedule Friday February 28

3D Print Maker Community from Hong Kong at Open Source Conference FOSSASIA 2015, Phnom Penh

Day - Track 1-4

Time Main Hall Mobile and Web Web CMS and Frameworks Community
13:00 How to build your own local Internet with standard Wi-Fi Routers", Bastian Bittorf, 25 min. PhoneGap, Danet Krueng, 55 min. TYPO3 Enterprise Features, Sengchheang Chhun, 55 min. (Khmer) KDE and the FOSS community in India: A Revolution in Itself, Yash Shah, 25 min.
13:30 Panel: Network and Internet Development in Cambodia, Glenn Miller (CIO Ezecom, Bastian Bittorf (CEO Bittorf Wireless), Kheng Vantha (Co-founder Biz Solution), Mario Behling (CEO MBM International) Open Source in Hong Kong, Wan Leung Wong, 25 min.
14:00 Easy Android app creation for everyone, Preetam Rai, 1h Workshop SEO Success Factors for Search Engine Friendly Websites, Sophy Prak, 55 min. Contributing to GNOME, Sindhu Sundar, 1h Workshop
14:30 Tinyboy Project - A 3D printer for student, Wan Leung Wong, 25 min.
15:00 WordPress plugin development for brand awareness and profit, Michael Cannon, 25 min. How to create Firefox OS apps, Biraj Karmakar, 55 min. Getting started with Rails, Yash Shah, Intensive Workshop, 25 min How to contribute to Open Source, Phallin Hor, 25 min. (Khmer)
15:30 Build your web app over the weekend, using Django and continuous deployment to Heroku, Hong Le Viet, 25 min. TYPO3 FLOW - Web Socket, Chanthou Nim, 55 min. (Khmer) How to contribute to Debian, Prach Pongpanich, 25 min.
16:00 Panel: Women in IT, Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA), Cat Allman (Google), Sindhu Sundar (GNOME), Pockey Lam (Digital Freedom Foundation), Sneha Priscilla Makini (GNU Mailman), Richa Jain (Mediawiki), 1h Panel Developing Web-apps for FirefoxOS, Sayak Sarkar Workshop 1h How to ask for help in Open Source projects, Xiangquan Xiao, 25 min.

17:00 End of Sessions

Design and Maker Community at FOSSASIA Open Source Summit, Asia, Cambodia, Phnom Penh, 2014


Cat Allman, Google at FOSSASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014


FOSSASIA Community Meetup in Phnom Penh Cambodia