FOSSASIA 2014 Wrap up

FOSSASIA 2014 Phnom Penh, Norton University

3 Days of Pure Knowledge Sharing, 71 International Speakers, 15 Presenters from Cambodia, 121 Talks, Workshops and Panels, 8 tracks per day, Hands-on Labs and Hacking practice for everyone.

More than 1000 participants from Cambodia and around Asia joined FOSSASIA 2014 in Phnom Penh Cambodia. 900 developers, designers, students company representatives from leading enterprises participated at the main event at Norton University on February 28 and March 1. In the following days trainings took place at the Open Institute Phnom Penh,  InSeed Cambodia, and the startup place Small World.



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Norton University Open Source Community at FOSSASIA 2014, Phnom Penh Cambodia


The main topics of FOSSASIA 2014 are all related to Free and Open Source Software with talks and workshops about Mobile Solutions, Web Technologies, Linux Operating Systems, Open Education and Open Map solutions.

Thursday, Feb.27

Angkor International Hotel, Social Meet up

Friday, Feb.28
Opening Talks and Keynotes
Norton University Main Hall

Talks and Workshop Sessions
Norton University Class Rooms and Main Hall
Saturday, Mar.1
Community Day (talks, workshops)
Norton University Class Rooms and Main Hall

Social Event
Location in the city to be announced
Sunday, Mar. 2
Phnom Penh Hands-on Day
Open Institute

Women in IT, FOSSASIA Organizer Hong Phuc Dang, Chantra Be, Phnom Penh
Hong Phuc Dang (Vietnam) and Chantra Be (Cambodia) from the organization team

Open Source at Norton University Phnom Penh, Cambodia, FOSSASIA
Norton University Phnom Penh, FOSSASIA 2014

Friday February 28 - Opening and Keynotes

Open Street Map Workshop at FOSSASIA Phnom Penh Cambodia 2015

Time Main Hall
09:00 Organizers Welcome
09:05 Welcome of Rector of Norton University
09:10 Keynote address of Anna Maj Hultgård, Ambassador of the Swedish Embassy
09:15 Opening remark by Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith
09:20 Technologies for Development, Development Innovations, Greta Greathouse
09:25 Keynote Google Summer of Code, Past, Present and Future; Cat Allman
09:50 Hello International Open Source Students & Short Break
10:00 Keynote MariaDB, Colin Charles
10:20 Wi-Fi Mesh for Hotels, Malls and Community Networks, Bastian Bittorf
10:30 Open Source at Ezecom, Cambodias Premium ISP, Glenn Miller
10:40 Keynote Doing Business with TYPO3 in Cambodia, Dominik Stankowski
11:00 From Open Source to Open Government, Chia-liang Kao
11:10 OpenStreetMap - Free Map of the World, Kate Chapman
11:20 Fedora Linux, Tuan Truong
11:30 [email protected], Jon Phillips
11:40 Orange HR for small to medium sized businesses, Sopheakmonkol Sok
11:50 Open source implementation of Chinese virtual singer, Ying-Chun Liu (Paul Liu)
12:00 Let's raise kids up! Pockey Lam
12:10 End of Morning Sessions

Open Source Community in Asia, FOSSASIA Cambodia, Phnom Penh 2015


Workshops Free Open Source Software Event Asia, FOSSASIA


Women in IT and Open Source in Asia, Google and FOSSASIA Cambodia


Hong Phuc Dang, Open Source Community Sri Lanka and India at FOSSASIA Phnom Penh 2015

Schedule Friday February 28

3D Print Maker Community from Hong Kong at Open Source Conference FOSSASIA 2015, Phnom Penh

Day - Track 1-4

Time Main Hall Mobile and Web Web CMS and Frameworks Community
13:00 How to build your own local Internet with standard Wi-Fi Routers", Bastian Bittorf, 25 min. PhoneGap, Danet Krueng, 55 min. TYPO3 Enterprise Features, Sengchheang Chhun, 55 min. (Khmer) KDE and the FOSS community in India: A Revolution in Itself, Yash Shah, 25 min.
13:30 Panel: Network and Internet Development in Cambodia, Glenn Miller (CIO Ezecom, Bastian Bittorf (CEO Bittorf Wireless), Kheng Vantha (Co-founder Biz Solution), Mario Behling (CEO MBM International) Open Source in Hong Kong, Wan Leung Wong, 25 min.
14:00 Easy Android app creation for everyone, Preetam Rai, 1h Workshop SEO Success Factors for Search Engine Friendly Websites, Sophy Prak, 55 min. Contributing to GNOME, Sindhu Sundar, 1h Workshop
14:30 Tinyboy Project - A 3D printer for student, Wan Leung Wong, 25 min.
15:00 WordPress plugin development for brand awareness and profit, Michael Cannon, 25 min. How to create Firefox OS apps, Biraj Karmakar, 55 min. Getting started with Rails, Yash Shah, Intensive Workshop, 25 min How to contribute to Open Source, Phallin Hor, 25 min. (Khmer)
15:30 Build your web app over the weekend, using Django and continuous deployment to Heroku, Hong Le Viet, 25 min. TYPO3 FLOW - Web Socket, Chanthou Nim, 55 min. (Khmer) How to contribute to Debian, Prach Pongpanich, 25 min.
16:00 Panel: Women in IT, Hong Phuc Dang (FOSSASIA), Cat Allman (Google), Sindhu Sundar (GNOME), Pockey Lam (Digital Freedom Foundation), Sneha Priscilla Makini (GNU Mailman), Richa Jain (Mediawiki), 1h Panel Developing Web-apps for FirefoxOS, Sayak Sarkar Workshop 1h How to ask for help in Open Source projects, Xiangquan Xiao, 25 min.

17:00 End of Sessions

Design and Maker Community at FOSSASIA Open Source Summit, Asia, Cambodia, Phnom Penh, 2014


Cat Allman, Google at FOSSASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2014


FOSSASIA Community Meetup in Phnom Penh Cambodia


Schedule Saturday March 1

OpenWrt in Asia, FOSSASIA Workshop in Phnom Penh

Day 2, Track 1-4

Time Main Hall Mobile and Web Web, CMS, Frameworks Wikipedia and Open Education
09:00 How to Become a [ Media ] Wiki Hacker, Harsh Kothari, 25 min. COMPED-First Step towards a Web Literate World, Gauthamraj Elango, 25 min. Contributing to GNU Mailman with a little help from Django, Sneha Priscilla Makini, 25 min. Adoption of OpenOffice in Cambodian Education System, Piseth Kheng, 55 min.
09:30 OpenStreetMap for Disaster Preparedness and Response, Kate Chapman, 25 min. Open Source Apps on Blackberry devices, Justin Lee, 25 min. Building Websites with Drupal, Tomo Huynh, 25 min.
10:00 Google Code-in, Stephanie Taylor, 25 min. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Walking through a simple Android Application Development, Mohit Kanwal, 1h Workshop Drupal in local languages to power SMEs, non-profits of emerging countries & Building local language communities, Hari Prasad Nadig, 55 min. Deploying free educational projects, Pockey Lam, 55 min.
10:30 Google Summer of Code - Student Lightning Talks and Q&A; Cat Allman, Stephanie Taylor, GSoC students, Moderation: Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling, 1.5 h
11:00 Easy and Maintainable Web API for your next Mobile App, Arul Kumaran Ragunathan, 55 min. Hands-on: WordPress plugin development for brand awareness and profit, Michael Cannon, 1.5h Workshop FOSS Localization and adoption of FOSS in the education system, Sokhem, Khoem, 55 min.
12:00 Embracing the Static Web, Lakshan Perera, 25 min. Open Source technologies that revitalize your phones, Sokha Rum, 1h Workshop A Pragmatic Stack: K-12 education using FOSS, Lyle Kozloff, 25 min.
12:30 Asian Mobile Culture and Who Will Control the Data of the Next Billion Internet Users, Arthit Suriyawongkul. 25 min. Octopress, Sophearak Tha, 1h Workshop Khmer Wikipedia and the free knowledge movement in Cambodia, Vantharith Oum, Workshop 1h (Khmer)
13:00, open source tablet UX building kit, Ping-Hsun Chen, 25 min. Webmaker - helping you create something amazing on the web, Ankit Gadgil, 1h Workshop
13:30 From Open Source to Open Government –, Chia-liang Kao, 55 min.
Documentation - not just prose!, Sundar Sindhu, 55 min.
14:00 Interaction Design with Google Web Designer, Fernando Travieso, 1h Workshop Exploring TiddlySpace for use in workgroup environment, Handoko Suwono, 55 min.
14:30 Qt/C++ on Mobile/Android, Sebastian Sauer, 25 min. Pronunciation Recording Tool for Wikimedia Foundation, Rahul James Maliakkal, 25 min.
15:00 Open source implementation of Chinese virtual singer, Ying-Chun Liu (Paul Liu), 25 min. Qt5 and QtQuick2 introduction: A step by step Ubuntu Touch SDK, Ping-Hsun Chen, 1h Workshop SEO Success Factors for Search Engine Friendly Websites, Sophy Prak, 55 min. Mediawiki Extension: Annotator, Richa Jain, 25 min.
15:30 Making cool presentations with Inkscape and Sozi, Frederic Muller, 25 min. MediaWiki Gadget Kitchen Workshop, Harsh Kothari, 1h Workshop
16:00 Piwik - Free Web Analytics Framework, Kien Truc Le, 25 min.

16:30 Open Source in Education, Preetam Rai, 20 min.

16:50 Wrap up and info of Sunday workshops, Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling; End of Sessions

Kushal Das, Open Source Community in Asia, FOSSASIA


FOSSASIA Speaker Area, Open Source Community


Stephanie Taylor Google Code-In, FOSSASIA 2014, Open Source Community Summit


FOSSASIA Social Event with Open Source Community


Day 2, Track 5-8

Time Development, Deployment, Security Localization, Fonts, Graphics Open Everything Fedora
09:00 Improving IPv6 Attack Detector, Jianjun Chen, 25 min. Hands-on: How to Create Vector Graphics Art and Icons with Inkscape, Sirko Kemter, 2h Workshop Linux Cambodia, Jose de Soto, 55 min.
09:30 Build your own local Mesh Network with standard Wi-Fi Routers, Bastian Bittorf,, 2h Workshop
10:00 OpenMRS, Harsha Siriwardena, 25 min.
10:30 Mapping areas with OpenStreetMap, Kate Chapman, 1h Workshop Building a Fedora Clustering/Load Balancing System using Linux Virtual Server, Nguyen Nang Thang, Workshop (1 hour)
11:00 Openclipart for Developers, Jon Phillips, 55 min.
11:30 Reproducible and portable work environments with Vagrant and Chef, Michael Knoll, 55 min. How Free/Open Source Software could help your project/Startup, Wan Leung Wong, 25 min. Document your code, Kushal Das, 25 min.
ExpEYES : An Open Source Portable Science Lab, Praveen Patil, 1h Workshop Fedora Ambassadors Program: by Truong Anh Tuan, 25 min.
12:30 Open Source based (Enterprise) Architecture and Design, Vu Hung Nguyen, 55 min.

13:00 Khmer Keyboard for Smart Devices, Hong Danh, 55 min.

13:30 Secret Lives of Patches, Ray Chuan Tay, 25 min. QGIS: Spatial database, geoprocessing, visualization, Seila Nhiep, 25 min.Logical Volume Managment(LVM) with Fedora, Uditha Bandara Wijerathna, 1h Workshop
14:00 New Storage Features in QEMU/KVM, Fam Zheng, 55 min. Journey of Bsdconv: Unicode, Charset, Encoding, Conversion, Detection, Variants, Kuan-Chung Chiu, 55 min. Webconverger and Going into business fulltime with Open Source, Kai Hendry, 25 min.
14:30 Why you should choose Ruby on Rails for your next web project, Channa Ly, 55 min. GlitterGallery for Fedora design work, Sarup Banskota, 25 min.
15:00 Secure your communications: Tor, Email Encryption, GnuPGP; Roberto Soriano, 1.5h Workshop Optimizations of the Terrain System in a 3D Scene, Xiangquan Xiao, 25 min. Fedora Design Suite, Gnokii, 25 min.
15:30 Open Comics as an educative and interactive tool, John Weeks, 25 mins.
Building a Fedora Clustering/High-Availability System using Pacemaker & Corosync: by Nguyen Nang Thang, 1h Workshop


16:50 Wrap up and info of Sunday workshops, Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling; End of Sessions

FOSSASIA Mario Behling, Open Source in Asia


Kai Hendry FOSSASIA 2014, Phnom Penh, Open Source Event in Asia

FOSSASIA 2014 - Hands-On Lab Sunday March 2

Libre Graphics Asia Workshops at FOSSASIA Cambodia Phnom Penh

Hands-on Labs, Open Institute Phnom Penh

Time Space 1 Space 2 Space 3 Space 4 Space 5
10:00 Wifi Mesh Networks – Building Your Local Internet Do Your First Steps As Fedora Contributor Map Party
Let's make some maps
FirefoxOS Workshop Open Projects
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Wifi Mesh Networks – Building Your Local Internet Do Your First Steps As Fedora Contributor Map Party
Let's make some maps
FirefoxOS Workshop Open Projects
17:00 End of Hands-on Labs

Location: Street 352, Open Institute, Phnom Penh, Cambodia [Map]

Girls in IT, Open Source, Free Software Community in Asia, FOSSASIA


3D Printer, Maker Community at FOSSASIA, Open Source Summit


Google Summer of Code Workshop at FOSSASIA Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2015

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